Where technology and
experience meet, foresight begins.

We plan, we adapt and we’re proactive. That’s the Hathaway Dinwiddie advantage.  With a hundred years of experience in play, we bring industry best capabilities and advanced technologies to every project.  From the moment we engage, we collaborate and think ahead.  We never stop until we’ve delivered what you believe to be the best value for your project.  This attitude drives every client relationship…large, small and everything in between.


Precision Planning

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Proactive Partnership

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Adaptive Process

It’s not simply about following a road map, it’s about knowing when to adjust the route.

You’ve gotta be flexible to survive. We’re proud of our heritage, but have never rested on our laurels.  Instead we constantly look ahead. We constantly evolve and utilize the best and most applicable technologies for each and every project. Our Adaptive Process features a unique blend of past experience and forward thinking that adjusts to each client and their goals. Sure, we’ve been there, and done that. But we never let it go to our head.

How it Works:

  • We pay attention to each client’s specific needs and create a flexible  atmosphere.
  • We employ proven processes for getting things done within our   company, including constant communication and education.
  • We utilize Procore and Viewpoint, advanced project management and  accounting software systems, to ensure responsible management of  approvals and key documents.
  • We constantly research and test new technologies. This includes   direct collaboration with researchers, educational institutions and   publications regarding new and evolving methods of construction.